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Credit Union Personal Loan vs. Auto Loan

Which is better in purchasing a car? When you want convenience and comfort, buying a car of your own, whether brand new or secondhand, is always a good preference. However, it never comes cheap. If your savings is not enough to purchase a car, your option is to go for a car loan. The other … Continue reading Credit Union Personal Loan vs. Auto Loan

Lease vs. Buy – Which Is the Best Option for You?

The pros and cons of leasing vs. financing a car Are you excited to get behind the wheel of a new vehicle? Are you wondering whether to lease vs. buy? With so many options on the market, choosing the right vehicle—and the right financing option—can be challenging. Dealer offers, personal preferences and car resale values … Continue reading Lease vs. Buy – Which Is the Best Option for You?

Opening a Bank Account for College Students

How to choose the best college checking accounts If you’re a student headed off to college or a parent whose child will be leaving home for the next chapter in their life, you may be thinking about how to best manage money during the next four or more years. College-bound students have their own set … Continue reading Opening a Bank Account for College Students

2019 New Year’s Resolution – Becoming Debt Free!

The simple, fool-proof method for paying off debt If it seems like you’ve always been in debt and there’s just no way to get out, take heart: There is a solution to becoming debt free. Can you imagine a life without debt? A life where you’re not paying for yesterday’s expenses, but instead can use everything you earn … Continue reading 2019 New Year’s Resolution – Becoming Debt Free!

Holiday Dinner on a Budget

How to be the host with the most without draining the bank Hosting a holiday meal can be stressful.  While it’s great to open your home to family and friends, feeding a crowd can put a serious strain on your budget.  Fortunately, it’s possible to be a great host while providing a holiday dinner on a budget. … Continue reading Holiday Dinner on a Budget

Tips for Buying a Used Car

How to buy a used car in 8 steps While there is no denying the excitement of that new car smell, the fact is that many people can’t afford to or prefer not to buy a new car. One deciding factor may be depreciation on new cars—it’s estimated that the average car loses 20 percent … Continue reading Tips for Buying a Used Car

Holiday Budgeting Tips

How to enjoy the holidays without breaking the bank While children anticipate the holidays with giddy delight, parents often feel an extra dose of stress. Shopping, meal planning and attending all those events and get-togethers can take its toll—on your time and your budget. Before the shopping season starts in earnest, check out our holiday … Continue reading Holiday Budgeting Tips

Benefits of Shopping Local on Small Business Saturday

8 reasons to shop Small Business Saturday Mega e-tailers, like Amazon and Walmart, may monopolize online commerce, but it’s small businesses across the country that keep the economy going. In fact, according to the Small Business Administration (SBA), the 30 million small businesses in the United States account for 54 percent of all sales. Small … Continue reading Benefits of Shopping Local on Small Business Saturday

How to Avoid Holiday Shopping Scams

How to avoid Black Friday and Cyber Monday scams The extended weekend that ushers in the holiday shopping season—the days between Black Friday and Cyber Monday—can put you at great risk. Shopping scams abound. A phishing scheme or a bogus bargain can quickly turn your mood from merry to Grinch. While you try to snag … Continue reading How to Avoid Holiday Shopping Scams

Financial Literacy for Kids [Infographic]

Tips on money management for kids Financial literacy for kids starts early (as young as 3 years old). Teaching kids about smart money choices and financial hardship isn’t always easy. Get the conversation started with tips from this infographic from Discover Personal Loans®.  

Refinancing Student Loans

Should you be concerned about rising interest rates? Student loan debt is a growing problem across the United States. Today, many college students graduate with tens of thousands of dollars in student debt – a trend that has become all too common. For borrowers with the proper credentials, refinancing student loans offers a potential solution … Continue reading Refinancing Student Loans

Business Financing Options

When a member business succeeds, we all succeed. Our Bergen and Passaic communities need strong, healthy businesses. That’s why Greater Alliance Federal Credit Union is committed to helping our business members with business financing options to help them grow. We know that as they succeed, they’ll support more jobs and services in our neighborhoods. Business … Continue reading Business Financing Options