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Holiday Budgeting Tips

How to enjoy the holidays without breaking the bank While children anticipate the holidays with giddy delight, parents often feel an extra dose of stress. Shopping, meal planning and attending all those events and get-togethers can take its toll—on your time and your budget. Before the shopping season starts in earnest, check out our holiday … Continue reading Holiday Budgeting Tips

Benefits of Shopping Local on Small Business Saturday

8 reasons to shop Small Business Saturday Mega e-tailers, like Amazon and Walmart, may monopolize online commerce, but it’s small businesses across the country that keep the economy going. In fact, according to the Small Business Administration (SBA), the 30 million small businesses in the United States account for 54 percent of all sales. Small … Continue reading Benefits of Shopping Local on Small Business Saturday

How to Avoid Holiday Shopping Scams

How to avoid Black Friday and Cyber Monday scams The extended weekend that ushers in the holiday shopping season—the days between Black Friday and Cyber Monday—can put you at great risk. Shopping scams abound. A phishing scheme or a bogus bargain can quickly turn your mood from merry to Grinch. While you try to snag … Continue reading How to Avoid Holiday Shopping Scams

Financial Literacy for Kids [Infographic]

Tips on money management for kids Financial literacy for kids starts early (as young as 3 years old). Teaching kids about smart money choices and financial hardship isn’t always easy. Get the conversation started with tips from this infographic from Discover Personal Loans®.  

Refinancing Student Loans

Should you be concerned about rising interest rates? Student loan debt is a growing problem across the United States. Today, many college students graduate with tens of thousands of dollars in student debt – a trend that has become all too common. For borrowers with the proper credentials, refinancing student loans offers a potential solution … Continue reading Refinancing Student Loans

Business Financing Options

When a member business succeeds, we all succeed. Our Bergen and Passaic communities need strong, healthy businesses. That’s why Greater Alliance Federal Credit Union is committed to helping our business members with business financing options to help them grow. We know that as they succeed, they’ll support more jobs and services in our neighborhoods. Business … Continue reading Business Financing Options

Moving with Children: The Smart Way

Tips to make your next move hassle free You’re starting a new life in a new city, and the countdown to moving has begun. You’ve got a limited time to find a house and sell the old one before uprooting your family to start afresh. This is not going to be easy. After all, moving … Continue reading Moving with Children: The Smart Way

Back to School Shopping Hacks

15 back-to-school savings tips You may be deep into your summer routine of lazy afternoons at the beach, family day trips and bedtimes postponed in favor of firefly-chasing, but for retailers, back-to-school season is already in full swing. And, any way you slice it, the cost of back-to-school supplies and apparel is expensive! Between new … Continue reading Back to School Shopping Hacks

Should I Be Concerned About a Mortgage Rate Increase?

On June 13, the Federal Reserve officially raised the federal funds target rate by .25 percent. This increase marks the second time the Fed increased interest rates in 2018, and experts expect another two increases this year. Optimistic feelings about the general state of the economy prompted the rate increase. The Fed pronounced the economy … Continue reading Should I Be Concerned About a Mortgage Rate Increase?

Financial Planning for Parents

Smart ways for parents to plan for children’s expenses Children are blessings, but they’re expensive, too. Diapers, bottles, baby food, clothing, cribs, and car seats are just the beginning of the items babies need. As they grow, their needs continue to get bigger—like braces or money for after-school activities. Once they reach age 17 or … Continue reading Financial Planning for Parents

EMV Chip Card Technology

What does it mean for your business? EMV chip card technology is a global standard for cards equipped with computer chips and the technology used to authenticate chip-card transactions. EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard® and VISA®, the three companies that originally created the standard. In the wake of numerous large-scale data breaches and increasing rates … Continue reading EMV Chip Card Technology

Fixing Up a House vs. Buying a New House

What to consider when deciding whether to renovate your house—or buy one that’s new to you In 2017, 11 percent of the U.S. population moved—with 62 percent staying in the same county. That same year, American homeowners spent $316 billion on home remodeling. Whether you need extra space for a growing family or you want … Continue reading Fixing Up a House vs. Buying a New House