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Board of Directors

richard vega

Richard Vega


Mr. Richard Vega has been a Board Member for over 35 years and has been the Chairman of the board for over 20 years. He has been involved in various committees and was a former school educator and Principal of the 5/6 School of the Hackensack Board of Education. He, along with the Board of Directors, are responsible to provide governance for the credit union. He works with the CEO and Board Members to develop goals and objectives for the credit union to ensure the safety and soundness of the credit union.

His vision is to ensure that the credit union maintains sound financial conditions and that the credit union’s assets are protected against unauthorized borrowing and investing.

jerry d ambrosio

Jerry D’Ambrosio


Mr. D’Ambrosio has been the Treasurer of the board for over 35 years. His responsibilities include overseeing the financial wellness of Greater Alliance Federal Credit Union. Before becoming a board Member, Mr. D’Ambrosio was the CEO of Greater Alliance for over 35 years. His dedication and expertise in leadership had begun from the very beginning of his career. Before joining Greater Alliance, Mr. D’Ambrosio was a former educator of the Hackensack Board of Education. He is responsible for leading and directing Greater Alliance staff in executing the Board’s strategic vision and plan for its members.

harry comp jr

Harry Comp, Jr.


Harry Comp, Jr. has been a Board Member since 2015. He was born and raised in Hackensack. He is a graduate of Hackensack Public Schools and received a Bachelor’s Degree from Farliegh Dickinson University. He owns and operates his family’s business with his sister, Penny Muccia. Parisian Beauty Academy, A Paul Mitchell Partner School, was founded by his parents, Harry & Henrieta Comp, Sr.

Harry loves the environment that he & Penny have created with this school and considers the future professionals, staff and faculty as extended family. He is visionary and always has his eyes on the horizon, committed to excellence now and into the future of Parisian Beauty Academy, A Paul Mitchell School. Harry is always available to serve his community, both personally and through the school and his love for people keeps him involved with community events and charitable organizations. He has instilled the love of “giving back’ throughout the future professionals with the various community service projects that he has brought to the school. A devoted husband and father, Harry’s wife, Lidia shares responsibilities with at Parisian, and together they raise two children, Stephen and Christina and their dog, Brandi.

His vision for the credit union matches his personal vision of getting involved and giving back to the community that we are a part of.

robert j aloia

Robert J. Aloia


Robert J. Aloia has been a Board Member since 2007. He has recently received responsibility of the Board Secretary. Mr. Aloia was the Former Superintendent of the Bergen County Technical and Special Services School districts.

His vision is that Greater Alliance remains a financially strong institution committed to delivering a wide range of affordable products and services available to all people in the communities it serves.

curtis laforge

Curtis LaForge


Mr. Curtis LaForge has been a Board Member since 2000. Before becoming a Board Member, Mr. Laforge was a part of various committees. Mr. LaForge is also the founder of Curtis J LaForge, Esq. LLC. He has devoted his practice to defending those who have been wrongly accused of a wide variety of crimes.

At Greater Alliance his main responsibility is to provide governance for the credit union. His vision for Greater Alliance’s future is to maintain and expand the impressive level of service and value, Greater Alliance offers its members.

charlotte panny

Charlotte Panny


Charlotte Panny has been with Greater Alliance since 1993. Before becoming a Board Member of Greater Alliance, she served as an Ambassador for Greater Alliance while working for the City of Hackensack. She became a Board Member in 2001 and still continues to be on the board. Currently Ms. Panny is working for Human Resources Grant Writing and Special Projects for the City of Hackensack. She is also the Chairperson for the Complete Count Census 2000. She was also the Board Liaison with Human Resources. Ms. Panny is very involved with community activities and serves as the coordinator for the Annual Earth Week environmental activities for the City of Hackensack such as tree planting, slam/dunk the junk, clean-up event and Make a Difference Day. Since 1984 she has served as a member and was the former Chairperson & Master Plan Committee for the Maywood/Zoning Board.

She is a member of the Maywood Historical Commission and the Maywood Business Improvement District. Currently, she is the Exalted Ruler of Hackensack Elks Lodge #658. Her vision for the credit union is to be an integral part of the community and to serve its members.

john azarian

John Azarian


Mr. John Azarian has been a Board Member since 2012. Before becoming a Board Member, he was a part of various committees. He is also the owner of The Azarian Group, L.L.C., which is a commercial real estate management and development company. Mr. Azarian is also the owner of Azarian Realty Co, which is a commercial real estate brokerage firm, which specializes in the leasing and property management of commercial properties. Besides being part of senior management, he is a licensed real estate broker in both New Jersey and New York. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees at St. Thomas Aquinas College, Sparkhill, NY, where he serves on various board committees and is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Business. He is also a part of the Board of Directors of Hope and Heroes Children’s Cancer Fund at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in NYC and is a part of the Advisory Board member of the Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies at Ramapo College, located in Mahwah, NJ. He has acted as a court appointed rent receiver and property manager for shopping centers, apartment buildings and residential condominium complexes.

Being a business owner gives him a unique perspective into member’s needs and how to change with the times. His vision for the credit union is to be innovative and find simpler, smarter and more convenient ways to help people bank.

glenn guinto

Glenn Guinto


Glenn Guinto was named the President and CEO of Greater Alliance in 2013. Glenn started his career at Greater Alliance in 1995, right after finishing a degree in Business Management. He has served as a Teller, Head Teller, IT Director, CIO, Marketing Director and VP of Operations. To this day, he enjoys visiting the branches regularly and talking to members that he used to wait on when he was a teller.

As the CEO he is responsible to uphold the values of the Credit Union and makes sure that the mission and vision statements are fulfilled and executed out by each team member. He works closely with the board to carry out the policies and direction set forth by them. He continuously ensures the safety and soundness of the credit union’s assets and maintains the level of confidence each member-owner has with the credit union by offering top quality financial products and services.

His vision is that Greater Alliance will be a trusted source and a financial partner to our membership in various stages of their financial lives. He would also like to continue developing the staff professionally by offering them continuing education, training and personal growth resources to help them excel in their abilities to service our members’ financial needs and help deliver the GREATER member experience that only Greater Alliance can offer.