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Fraud Protection

At Greater Alliance, we are committed to making sure your account is protected against fraud and that it is constantly monitored. With ever-changing technology, identity thieves continue to look for different ways to access secure information. Although we have the most recent technology and information to prevent fraud, you must also keep a constant eye on your personal and/or business accounts.

Greater Alliance takes online security seriously. We utilize numerous security layers and processes, which are continuously monitored and updated to maintain our security features.

Below are links to several different precautionary measures and steps you can take to make sure you have control of your own account and are prepared in the event that identity theft happens to you. Also included are links to information regarding current fraud trends and types of scams that could occur.

VISA 3-D Secure

Automatic Security For Online Purchases

With online security being more and more important to our members, Greater Alliance Credit Union teamed with VISA to automatically provide our members with an update to our Verified by VISA program, the new 3-D Secure Version 2.0.

3-D Secure Version 2.0 is designed to make online purchases more secure by helping ensure payments are made by the rightful owner of the VISA account. Version 2.0 is smarter, faster and simpler to use, and it now supports all connected devices.

How it Works

1) Member enters their VISA account details
2) The online merchant sends the information to be authenticated
3) Through VISA, Greater Alliance Credit Union determines the transaction risk and may prompt you to verify your identity with a one-time password provided to the credit union. This happens in less than 1% of transactions.
4) Greater Alliance sends the authentication result to the merchant
5) The merchant submits transaction for authorization

Debit Card Alerts

Sign up for Debit Card Alerts today and choose the alerts you want to receive!

You choose which types of account alerts you want to receive, how you want to receive them. Whether by text message or email, Debit Card Alerts help protect you from fraud by putting you in control of your account information. Standard text message and data rates assessed by your mobile carrier may apply.

Get Consumer Alerts for:
• Large purchases (you set the amount)
• Online purchases
• International purchases
• Card not present

This is a completely FREE option; register your DEBIT card today.

Register Debit Card


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