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Mobile Wallet

Pay With Your Mobile Device!

Use your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch to make purchases simply and securely by pairing your Greater Alliance debit cards with your device’s wallet. Mobile payments are currently available using the following devices. Simply visit the mobile wallet website for your specific phone to learn more.

Apple Pay® lets certain Apple mobile devices make payments for goods and services with their phones, both in stores and online, using a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip.

Samsung Pay leverages both NFC and Magnetic Strip Transmission technology to enable mobile payments in even more merchant locations for the consumer.

Google Pay is compatible on all Android devices that leverage NFC to make checkout a painless, one-tap experience.

Why Use Mobile Wallet?

  • Easier way to pay in stores
  • Simple to set up new cards
  • More secure payments through tokenization
  • Keep your purchases private

How Does It Work?

Instead of using cash or your card for payment, simply place your device over the participating store’s contactless reader to make your purchase. You can also use your device to make purchases within many apps.  It is more secure than using regular plastic cards because it never uses or stores your actual card numbers. Instead, it assigns a unique Device Account Number to your device and every transaction is completed with a dynamic, one-time-use security code. Your actual credit or debit card numbers are never shared with merchants or transmitted for payment.

How to Get Started

  1. Add your Greater Alliance Debit Card into the mobile wallet on your device.
  2. Use your device to pay at thousands of merchants nationwide.
  3. Shop more easily and securely!


  1. Check out our FAQ page
  2. Email us or contact us at 888-554-2328 x280!