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We offer amazing benefits to teachers that includes a special Summer Escrow savings account specially designed to help teacher and administrative school staff save for the summer. 

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Become A Member

To become a member you need to have a savings account with a minimum balance of $100*

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Savings Interest

3% Interest in your savings account for the first year up to $6,000. Please use promotional primary savings.**

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$25 to New Members

$25 will be deposited into your savings account. ***

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Personal Loans

Borrow any amount you need, up to $20,000, for up to 48 months.

A Greater Alliance Personal Loan will help you pay for your online courses & programs through New Jersey Center for Teaching & Learning.

In order to apply for a loan you must be a Greater Alliance FCU ALL borrowers must have or open a share (savings) account and are required to maintain a minimum balance of $100 in their personal savings account after their first six months of becoming a member. A full credit check will be required for all borrowers. Borrow any amount you need, up to $20,000, for up to 48 months. Click here for current rates. We offer terms longer terms, and there’s no collateral required.

Applying quickly and easily, using our online application.

If you already have a personal loan from another financial institution, refinance with Greater Alliance and get 1% cash back up to a $1,000  of the loan’s value — plus our great low rate and flexible terms.

Greater Alliance offers convenient and secure electronic loan processing with    Learn more!

Skip Your Personal, Home Equity loan or an Auto Loan payment during the summer months with our summer Skip-A-Pay loan program please ask us about it during your loan approval process.

For additional information please email us at gro.ecnaillaretaergnull@ofni or call 888-554-2328 x280 during our regular business hours.

Summer Escrow Savings Account

The Summer Escrow Plan was established to provide teachers and administrative school staff with a value added program that allows them to contribute monies for use during the summer months while away from school. This program has now been opened up to any employee who gets paid through payroll deduction and works only 10 months of the year.

·    Maximum annual contribution is $15,000

·  Contributions must be made through payroll deduction and not to exceed $1,500 per payroll

· The Annual Percentage Yield for our Summer Escrow program will be good for the entire contribution period and will be subject to change annually

· All the contributions to the account will be transferred to your savings account on July 1st of each year.

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Elementary school classroom

*Minimum balance required is $100 and you have 6 months to make up the minimum balance requirement.

**Annual Percentage Yield (APY) 3.00%. APY is earned when you open a new savings account on balances up to $6,000, balances higher than $6,000 earn the current APY.  $100.00 is required in order to earn interest.  Fees could reduce the earnings on the account. Certain restrictions may apply. Offer valid for a limited time and can be withdrawn at any time. Are A full credit check will be required for all borrowers and for new membership.

***If the account is closed before 6 months there is a $25 fee.  Rates and offers are eligible for credit union members only.

Offer valid for a limited time and can be withdrawn at any time.