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Savings Account

Personal Savings Account

A Basic Savings account comes with your Greater Alliance membership and opens the door to our suite of saving products.

      • Minimum balance required is $100 and you have 6 months to make up the minimum balance requirement.*
      • Competitive dividends that are earned from the day your account is opened.
      • Peace of mind knowing your funds are insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), an agency of the U.S. government.
      • Monthly account statements detailing your transactions. You can receive your statements via mail or email which can be accessed online.
      • Direct deposit and Payroll Deduction available whereby recurring funds are automatically deposited to your account.
      • FREE ATMs that you can use to access your funds at over 5,000 Shared branching locations and over 75,000 surcharge FREE ATMs through our  CO-OP and Allpoint Networks.
      • Secure access to your accounts at anytime, from anywhere, using:
      • Online Banking
      • Mobile Banking
      • ATM card
      • Telephone banking
    • Check out our Savings Calculator!

*If the minimum balance requirement is not met a fee will be assessed.  Please check our Fee and Rate Schedule.



Club Savings Accounts

Save money each month through direct deposit or automatic payroll deductions for the things you want to save for plus receive dividends. We offer:

Vacation/Freedom Club Savings Account

Put some money aside each month so when you’re most in need of a break, you can afford to take one – without dipping into your regular savings.

  • Deposited funds are held in the Vacation Club Account and can be withdrawn every six months without penalty.*
  • Competitive rates
  • Opening deposits accepted by mail, account transfers, Direct Deposit, Payroll Deduction, or at branch locations
  • No minimum or maximum balance requirements
  • No deposit requirements – increase or decrease deposits at anytime

*Withdrawals can be made in 6 months increments. For early withdrawals a $10 fee will be assessed.

Holiday Club Savings Account

Set aside money each month for holiday purchases. Saving in advance allows you to purchase your holiday gifts in cash rather than carrying a balance on your credit cards.

  • Deposited funds are held in the Holiday Club Account until October 15, then transferred to your regular Savings Account for use and withdrawals
  • Competitive rates
  • Opening deposits accepted by mail, account transfers, Direct Deposit, Payroll Deduction, or at branch locations
  • No minimum or maximum balance requirements
  • No deposit requirements – increase, decrease or skip deposits anytime
  • Enroll anytime with flexible terms – sign up for continuous enrollment or just for a limited time period
  • Withdrawals are permitted prior to the October 15 maturity date, however penalties apply*

*Withdrawals made prior to October 15 maturity date will incur a $10 early withdrawal penalty and the holiday club account will be closed, however you can call us to to reopen the account on October 15th of that calendar year.

Summer Escrow Savings Account

The Summer Escrow plan was established to provide teachers and administrative school staff with a value added program that allows them to contribute monies for use during the summer months while away from school. This program has now been opened up to any employee who gets paid through payroll deduction and works only 10 months of the year.

  • Maximum annual contribution is $15,000
  • Contributions must be made through payroll deduction and not to exceed $1,500 per payroll
  • The Annual Percentage Yield for our Summer Escrow program will be good for the entire contribution period and will be subject to change annually
  • All the contributions to the account will be transferred to your savings account on July 1st of each year
  • Click here to download the program flyer

“Don’t Touch!” Savings Account

Open a Don’t Touch Account and save your money without any hassles. When you need your money you can retrieve it from this account without the worry of any fees being charged.

To open any one of our Club accounts please call 888-554-2328 x280 or stop by any one of our branch locations.

Greater Alliance members have access to over 75,000 surcharge-free ATMs in the United States and worldwide.

Greater Alliance has partnered with the Co-Op & Allpoint® ATM networks so you can now access your account from surcharge-free ATMs anywhere you see these logos:

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