3.00% Savings Promotion – subject to change without notice.

 Savings promotion image

Please see promotion details below:

  • For NEW MEMBERS ONLY – Please do not advertise these rates at the branches as it could create conflicts with existing members.  If a new Member happens to walk into a branch you can tell them about the details of the program and ask them if they would like to open the promotional savings or a regular savings account.
  • New member MUST OPEN the account with a minimum of $1,000 Deposit  – NO EXCEPTIONS, in-branch or online. Earn 3.00% APY. (If they don’t have the 1,000 when they are opening an account, please ask them to bring in the funds  so they can start earning the 3.00% on their savings.)
  • For online applications, members will need to include promo code – prsav18 to open the promotional savings account.
  • 3.00% APY on the first 6,000.  Balances higher than $6,000 earn 0.15% APY
  • 3.00% APY will be for the first year of membership only. It will automatically change to a regular Savings account after a year of opening the account
  • Dividends will be paid at the end of each quarter, so if a person closes the account in the middle of the quarter the dividends won’t be paid out
  • Only one savings account per new member is eligible for 3.00% APY
  • When opening an account in the branch MSRs will need to open as a promotional primary savings account.