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Greater Alliance provides you with an easy way to apply for a mortgage with many options to choose from. Contact us today and let us help you select the best mortgage option for you in Bergen County.

First Time Home Buyer Savings Programs

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you can make in life and Greater Alliance is here to help you save and give your $1,0001 credit towards your closing costs! Contact us and let us guide you in your home buying journey. Apply for a mortgage in Bergen County Today. Click on the button to know more.
first time home buyer savings programs
home ready program

HomeReady Program

Greater Alliance’s HomeReady® mortgage programs offer low down payment options with interest rates comparable to conventional loans, flexible credit criteria and other attractive features that meet the needs of many low and moderate income borrowers and those purchasing homes in low and moderate income areas in Bergen County.


Fixed Rate Mortgage

Want a mortgage payment that won’t change and an interest rate that is constant from beginning to end? Greater Alliance has got you covered with its fixed rate mortgage. With this mortgage your interest rate and monthly payment stays the same for the duration of the loan. Contact us to apply for a fixed rate mortgage in Bergen County. Click the button to know more.
fixed rate mortgage
adjustable rate mortgage

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

With Greater Alliance’s adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM), you’ll start with a great initial rate with adjustments once every 5 years and is available in any state. Talk to our experts and let us guide you in your adjustable-rate mortgage in Bergen County application process. Click on the button for more details.

Refinance Your Mortgage

Greater Alliance provides the best services when it comes to refinancing your mortgage. If you have an existing loan with us or one with another lender, we have options that could save you money. To know more about mortgage refinancing in Bergen county, click on the button below.

refinance your mortgage