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Do you find yourself needing a break from your Greater Alliance loan payment?

Free up some extra cash with our Skip-a-Pay service!

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Greater Alliance Skip-a-Pay service will offer you the convenience of skipping your payment on any qualifying loan.  You will be able to skip payments quickly and securely, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How Skip-a-Pay Works

Let’s say you are cramped for cash, or are in need of a little extra spending money.  You can use Skip-a-Pay to skip a loan payment and give yourself extra financial flexibility.  Simply pay a small fee ($40 to skip a loan payment of $600 or less & $60 to skip a loan payment over $600+) and you activate Skip-A-Pay.  As long as your loan qualifies for the service and you meet the member requirements below, you can use Skip-a-Pay no questions asked!

You may skip securely using the Online web portal or if you have enrolled within Online Banking you may login and initiate a Skip through Online Banking.

Loans that qualify for Skip-A-Pay at GAFCU:

How many times can I use Skip-a-Pay?

  • You are allowed 4 skips during the life of most loans
  • You are allowed 1 skip during the life of any First Time Auto Buyer Loan

To use Skip-a-Pay, Members must maintain:

    • Positive Savings Balance
    • All loans must be in good standing and you must make the first 3 payments before you can initiate a Skip
    • Member can skip 2 consecutive payments and wait for 120 days before skipping the next payments if desired
    • Member must be able to fund Skip-a-Pay payment using ACH from another financial Institution, Debit/ Credit Card (a convenience fee of $1.50 will apply for using a debit/credit card), or Greater Alliance Savings or Checking
    • For FAQs click here

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