Grant/ Donation Request

Through grants, the Credit Union Foundation helps support 501c3 not-for-profits with missions that align with the Foundation’s and are not driven by political or religious objectives.

All applications will be subject to approval from the Greater Alliance Credit Union Foundation Board. The duration of the review process can vary and is determined by the Board’s schedule. Please take this into account if your request has a deadline and submit it in advance to allow for ample time.

  Grant Application Guidelines

The Foundation accepts grant applications only from non-profit organizations that have one of the following tax-exempt statuses:

  • 501(c)(3) — applicable only for USbased non-profit organizations

The Greater Alliance Hopes & Dreams Foundation does not provide grants for the following:

  • Private individuals
  • Projects without measurable goals and impacts
  • Political campaigns or candidates
  • Religious, fraternal, or professional sports organizations
  • Documentaries, performing arts groups, or productions
  • Organizations without the tax-exempt status stated in the grant application guidelines and form
  • Personal needs, or operational expenses/existing deficits

  Grant Application Form

    *Acknowledgment I hereby acknowledge that the above statements are true and accurate. I further acknowledge that I will receive no personal economic benefit from this donation and neither will any member of my family or household.