Employees Rewarded for Good Deeds


Greater Alliance Federal Credit Union has created an official volunteer program for its employees in conjunction with the Greater Alliance Hopes & Dreams Foundation.

Each month a new volunteer opportunity is set up. The programs range from the ARC walk to food drives to helping at a Veterans Home. Each program has a team leader who helps to organize the volunteers as well as general project management. Some of the planned activities are just for the employees while other activities are for the whole family. After volunteering for eight hours, the employee is given a half day of personal time.

Credit Union employees are encouraged to volunteer outside of coordinated activities as well. Many employees of the credit union are involved in their communities in different ways. They are recognized and rewarded at work for these efforts as well.

“We are excited to have our employees and their families get involved in the community,” said Ana Suarez, Business Development Officer. “This allows for our employees to meet members outside of the branches but also to bond with co-workers and their families.”

Suarez is heading up the initiative with help from Nilay Avichal and Stephanie Hanuman HR Coordinator . Suarez is an employee at Greater Alliance Federal Credit Union as well as a board member for the Greater Alliance Hopes & Dreams Foundation.

Stephanie is also an employee while Nilay is currently interning at Greater Alliance Federal Credit Union.

“Although the credit union has always been involved in the communities we serve, this program makes it official,” said Glenn Guinto, CEO of Greater Alliance Federal Credit Union. “The credit union has made a commitment to making a positive difference not only in the financial lives of our members but also in the community we serve.”

Family Volunteer Day

On Sunday, May 20, Greater Alliance Federal Credit Union employees volunteered at the Bergen Volunteer Center Family Volunteer Day. Employees and their families went to Fresh Roots Farm in Mahwah. The Fresh Roots Farm is a community garden project built and maintained by MEVO, Mahwah Environmental Volunteer Organization.

While at the farm, volunteers helped to plant hundreds of plants, assisted with bee food collection, built prep for bee hives and decorated plant markers.

Greater Alliance employees brought their families, including small children, and were able to work together not only for the farm but also to strengthen their own relationships and teach values such as kindness, empathy and respect for others.

“Family Volunteer Day embodies all the values we hope our employees have and use everyday,” said Glenn Guinto, CEO of Greater Alliance Federal Credit Union. “We encourage working together as a team in our branches, but seeing our employees work together and with their families for such a great cause is even better.”

About Greater Alliance Hopes and Dreams Foundation

Greater Alliance Hopes & Dreams Foundation for Children is a non-profit foundation based in Bergen County, NJ. The foundation serves the community through monetary donations that help charitable organizations reach their goals and families overcome their financial obstacles. It strives to reach both handicapped children and those working to make a bigger impact in their lives. Monies received to help the children come from two main fundraising events held each year: the Annual Golf Outing and Annual Beefsteak Dinner at The Brownstone. The donated amounts are dispersed to organizations and families through the help of our Greater Alliance Hopes & Dreams Board Members. Donated gifts have supported our partner organizations, programs, projects, scholarships, and many more.