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#BetterBranch – FAQs


#BetterBranch – FAQs

We will be providing the most recent updates regarding our Hackensack branch relocation below. Please check back frequently or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for all the updates with the trending #BetterBranch.

Q1.  Why is the Hackensack branch relocating?
A. Our lease will be expiring in May 2020 and a collective decision was made by the management and the board of directors to explore new locations and possibilities that will help provide a better in branch experience for our members. 

Q2. When will the relocation occur?
A. As of now we don’t have a formal move date but will communicate to you once the date has been confirmed.

Q3. How much is this new facility going to cost?
A.  We have looked at the cost of the new facility and made a decision that was in the best interest of our members’ and the credit union.

Q4. Is it cheaper to move or to stay here?
It is cheaper for us to move than lease the current location after the lease has expired and that is one of the main reason of why we are looking to move to a new location.

Q5. Are you going out of business?
We are definitely not going out of business, our financials are sound as you can see from our 2018 Annual Report. We are looking to move as our lease will expire in May 2020 for the Hackensack branch.

Q6. Where are you going to be moving?
We are going to be moving to a location within Hackensack as we were founded in Hackensack 82 years ago and would like to remain there for the next foreseeable future. We are considering a few locations in Hackensack and as soon as one is finalized, we will post it on the website

Q7. When will we have the next update regarding the move?
A. We will have a dedicated page on our website – and you can check to see the most recent updates. We will be updating our social media sites as well with any updates about the move.

Q8. What is the physical address of the location and will it have parking?A. Once everything has been finalized we will provide you with the actual address and YES parking will be available for our members.

If you have any additional questions please email us at or call 888-554-2328.