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A digitally encrypted laptop

Security Center

Greater Alliance FCU is committed to providing you with a secure online experience that protects our public website and Online Banking, our mobile apps and your confidential information. Our employees are trained on our security policies and procedures and work diligently to protect the integrity of your information.

We use industry-accepted security practices, including firewalls and encryption, to safeguard the security of your personal financial information. These controls allow us to properly authenticate your identity when you access our online and mobile services and help to protect your information as it travels over the internet between your device and Greater Alliance FCU. We also constantly monitor and assess the security of our website and mobile apps.

With everything we’re doing to protect your information, keep in mind that it is also important for you to take precautions to safeguard personal information on your end.

 Online and offline security tips

These simple steps can go a long way toward preventing online fraud

 Reporting identity theft

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  Scams: phishing, vishing and SMShing

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 Scams: malware and P2P sharing

Avoid efforts to infect your computer – and to steal sensitive banking information

 Scams: lotteries, fees and shopping fraud

Learn how to recognize and avoid scams that look enticing – but rarely are

 Protect Yourself from Telephone Fraud

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 Online Shopping Scams

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