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Celebrating International Credit Union Week


Celebrating International Credit Union Week

This year, we’re celebrating International Credit Union Day’s platinum anniversary, a chance to look back after 70 years and be thankful for the lives and communities that have been improved by the unique principles and actions of our movement.

Be a part of this year’s celebration as we celebrate International Credit Union Week from October 15th – October 19th.  Each day of the week we will have trivia’s on our Facebook & Twitter sites and a winner who answers all the questions correctly will be picked each day to win a prize!

  • Movie tickets
  • VISA Gift Card
  • Amazon Echo Dot

We will also be celebrating credit union week at our branches, if you prefer going to the branches you can always stop by for FREE Giveaways and light refreshments for the whole week.

Also, use the hashtag #PlatinumLiningFound on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to share any stories about how Greater Alliance has helped you to provide the financial support and guidance over the years.  On behalf of the board and staff of Greater Alliance, we would like to thank all our members for their continued support as we celebrate International Credit Union Week.

For more information please contact 888-554-2328 x280 or email

* Members’ who answer the trivia correctly will be randomly picked each day and we will announce the winner the following morning and prizes will be awarded accordingly.