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Save Money With These 10 Home Tips


Save Money With These 10 Home Tips

Many people always complain that there is no cash to save! And this has forced several families to survive on tight monthly budgets due to poor planning.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can return some money into your pockets. All you have to do is take care of some simple tasks around your home. These tasks will reduce your monthly budget and allow you to save more cash in the future. So, here are some of the best home tips that can save you money.

Save Cash With the Following Home Tips

1.   DIY Versus Hiring a Professional

Instead of hiring a professional to do some of the simple repairs in the house or remodeling jobs, you can try and do them yourself. Plus, with the many DIY tutorials online, you can do most of the repairs in your home. So, make sure you have some of the essential power tools in your workshop like a power drill, miter saw, or table saw. And if the project requires a precise power tool that you don’t own, you can either purchase or rent it. However, if you plan on purchasing it, make sure it’s something that you will be using regularly in your workshop.

2.   Build a Feeding Station With Storage Space for Your Pets

As pet owners, one of our main worries is running out of pet food in the middle of the month when we are low on cash. So, we tend to purchase food in bulk and store them in our homes. Purchasing pet food in bulk does save us some cash. But, did you know that there are numerous ways we can save some cash on pet food?

Well, the main worries when dealing with pet food is spoilage and spillage. Remember, pets tend to kick their feeding bowls around once they have satisfied their hunger or thirst. Therefore, you can avoid this by building a DIY food storage cabinet or a feeding station with storage space. This feeding station will reduce spillage while creating more storage space for your pet food.

3.   Build a Pet House

Photo by Marthijn Brinks on Unsplash

As pet owners, we strive to do everything humanly possible to make our furry pals comfortable. Other than giving them food, we create a secluded place in the home for our lovely pets to sleep and relax. And if the dog stays outside, we build it a warm and cozy dog house that resembles our house.

However, cats love having their own space where they can go and sleep without being disturbed by your other pets in the house or even their owners. So, you will have to seclude a certain part of the house where your pooch can’t access just for the cat. And if your home is too small, you can build a cat house. Cat houses tend to be too costly, so building one using some pellets or some leftover pieces of wood can save you some cash.

4.   Replace Your Light Bulbs With Energy Star Products

One of the best ways to lower your utility bills and also reduce greenhouse gas emissions is by switching to energy-star-rated products. These products include HVAC equipment, household appliances, and LED and CFL light bulbs. These products can reduce your monthly electricity bill and return some cash into your pockets every month.

5.   Change the Furnace Filter

Keeping your electric or gas furnace tuned up can help you save money. Tuning the furnace up can prolong its lifespan while making sure that it runs efficiently. And instead of calling a professional, you can replace the filter every month. The filter protects the motor and blower. Remember, a clogged filter makes the motor work hard and consume more power.

6.   Repurpose Used Furniture

Most furniture, especially the ones built in the late twentieth century, was made using high-quality materials than today’s furniture. Whether you want to break it down for materials or refurbish it, this practice can save you some cash. Remember, the price of teak, maple, oak, and cherry has been increasing steadily in the last few decades. Therefore, old furniture can be a great source of inexpensive or free high-quality materials.

7.   Restore Your Deck

The materials used to make decks tend to wear and tear after a few years, leaving your deck with an ugly look. And if your deck has started changing, you shouldn’t rush to replace the boards which could be in good condition. You should inspect the boards and find out if they are in good shape before repainting them using an acrylic deck restorations coating. A well-applied restoration coating can leave your deck looking great for years.

8.   Prepare Homemade Cleaners

Do you know that you can save some cash and help the environment by making your own homemade detergent? There are numerous formulas for DIY homemade detergents online. For example, you can create an all-purpose cleaning detergent by mixing a quart of warm water and baking powder. Instead of purchasing a glass cleaner in the store, you can mix half a cup of vinegar and two cups of water. Homemade detergents are reliable and safe.

9.   Weatherstrip Your House

If you notice some light creeping under your exterior doors, then air is also going outside. This means that the warm summer air is creeping inside while the cool air is escaping outside; therefore, your air conditioner is being overworked. So, grab some rubber foam weatherstripping and seal the doors leading outside.

Photo by Nick Page on Unsplash

10.   Install Clothing Lines

Some simple clothing lines can allow you to dry your washed clothes outside instead of increasing your electricity bill. Remember, electric cloth dryers can increase your utility bill every month, especially if you have a huge household. Clothing lines can return cash into your pocket by reducing your electricity bills every month.

Final Thoughts

One of the best ways to reduce your expenses and increase your savings is by making your home more efficient and doing most of the repair work. Making your house more energy-efficient will help you reduce your utility bills. And with the numerous DIY tutorials available, you can easily tackle a considerable percentage of the repair jobs in the house. But, make sure you don’t cut corners or deny your family some necessities to reduce your budget.