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Transfer Money

  Transfer and Pay Personal Payment Service

You don’t need to write a check or carry cash to pay others. You can now pay virtually anyone using Transfer and Pay service within Online Banking.

It’s easy and secure: no exchanging account numbers and no hassle. All you need is the email address or mobile phone number of the person you want to pay. Use it to pay rent, reimburse friends, give an allowance, send a monetary gift, cover shared expenses and more!

transfer money

Here’s how it works:

  • Log in to your account via Online Banking, select Transfer & Pay them bills and payments.
  • Enter the recipient’s name, email address and/or mobile phone number, and the dollar amount.
  • An email or text message automatically notifies the recipient.
  • The recipient securely enters their account number online.
  • Money is directly deposited from your account to theirs.

  Member-To-Member Transfers

This is the safe, convenient way to move money to another Greater Alliance Federal Credit Union member’s account. All you need is the recipient’s member number, including the four-digit suffix, and the recipient’s last name. Transferred funds are available immediately in the recipient’s account.

Your account information and the recipient‘s always remain confidential, and Member-to-Member Transfers are completely FREE.

You can transfer money to another Greater Alliance Federal Credit Union member using your computer or mobile device.

Here’s how it works:

  • Enter the member’s last name. To help ensure your money is transferred to the correct member and must match exactly what is on our system.
  • Account suffix: Enter the account suffix for the account you are transferring to. Primary savings accounts typically has an account suffix of 0001. A member may have more than one savings or checking, so please check with the member you are transferring to for the applicable account suffix.
  • Recipient’s Member Number: Enter the member account number of the individual you are transferring to, make sure to include the suffix of the share with the account number. Example 12364=001.
  • Once a recipient has been successfully added, simply select the account you want the money to be transferred from and select the Greater Alliance recipient that you would like the money to be transferred to.
  • You may setup one-time or recurring transfers while using member-to-member transfers.

Please note: Future transfers will go to this same account when you use the member to member account transfer feature. You can add another recipient to transfer to a different account for the same member. Both members must be enrolled in Digital Banking in order to be able to use the member to member transfer option.

  Bank-To-Bank Transfers

Also known as Account-to-Account transfer, you can transfer money online between your Greater Alliance accounts and accounts you have at other U.S. financial institutions. Bank-to-Bank Transfers give you greater flexibility, convenience and control.

Before enabling your account for Bank-to-Bank Transfers, additional security measures are required to verify your ownership of the account. Verification may take 3-5 days.