Personal Savings

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personal savings

Savings Accounts are the perfect place to keep your funds and see it grow while ensuring you’ll always have convenient access to your funds.

  • If you live, work, worship, go to school, volunteer, have an immediate family who is currently a member, or do business in Bergen & Passaic Counties, you’re are eligible to open an account with us.
  • Minimum balance required is $100.
  • Competitive dividends that are earned from the day your account is opened.
  • Peace of mind knowing your funds are insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), an agency of the U.S. government.
  • Convenient access to your accounts through Online Banking or your Mobile app, transfer funds, pay bills, view your eStatements & eDocuments without ever stepping into a branch.
  • Direct deposit available whereby recurring funds are automatically deposited to your account.

How do I open an account

  • What You Need – Whether you are looking to open an account online or in branch, you’ll need an unexpired government issued identification such as a State-issued Driver’s License or a U.S. Passport.
  • Initial Deposit– There is a $100 minimum deposit required when opening a Savings Account.
  • Open – Open any of our Savings Accounts online or at any branch location.
  • Direct Deposit – Direct Deposit simplifies your banking by automatically depositing your payroll, pension, Social Security and other recurring deposits directly into any Greater Alliance account. To set up Direct Deposit, provide our Routing Number – 2212-7587-6 along with your account/member number to your depositor.
*Membership at a credit union requires a savings account. Minimum balance required within the accounts is $100. If the minimum balance requirement is not met a fee will be assessed.  Please check our Fee and Rate Schedule.

Open Your Savings Account Online

Free Financial Coaching and Education

Overwhelmed with debt, having trouble making ends meet or budgeting each month? We have partnered with GreenPath Financial Wellness to enable our members to prepare for life’s ups and downs and build the financial foundation for their dreams.
GreenPath is a FREE member benefit to support the financial wellness of our members by working with them to:

  • Get out of Debt — If members have high interest credit card debt, a Debt Management Plan may be able to help them lower their interest rates AND pay off debt faster.
  • Create a Budget and Save Money — During a financial counseling session, members will create a spending plan that works towards their financial goals, including building savings.
  • Build Credit — Our counselors will work with members to better understand their credit report, dispute inaccurate information, and manage their credit score.
  • Plan for your Housing — Housing experts will provide support to members who are going through the home buying process, or struggling with rent or mortgage payments.
  • Educate Themselves about Personal Finance — A myriad of resources, including online learning experiences, workshop materials, articles and education handouts, support communities, and more.