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March – President’s Message


March – President’s Message

Dear Valued Member,

One of my favorite activities is visiting our branch lobbies and talking with members. It’s always enjoyable, especially when I run into longtime members I once served as a teller. During these conversations I am always struck by the close relationships we are privileged to share at Greater Alliance. These trusted personal connections are priceless – and they yield many valuable lessons, if we just take the time to listen. During our upgrade process, for example, we have invited our members to voice their questions and concerns. I’d like to share a few, in case they have crossed your mind as well.

One question asked by members is whether our new upgrades will cost them anything. It’s a natural concern when everything today seems to come with strings attached, particularly at big banks. But as a member-owned credit union, Greater Alliance is happy to eliminate those strings. Unlike financial institutions that serve shareholders, we exist only to benefit you – our member. And because innovation is one of our stated core values, this upgrade is only the latest example of our ongoing commitment to deliver an unmatched banking experience.

Similarly, some members have been concerned that we’re making changes because we might be merging or going out of business. It’s actually just the opposite. Greater Alliance is very healthy, and making improvements only helps us grow stronger to support additional membership growth. Also, because our members are our owners, major changes such as a merger could never take place without your notification and approval. Another question, going back to my earlier point about relationships, is the concern that our new technology will end up replacing the trusted people you work with at our branches.

This issue is very important to me, so I want to make it clear that our commitment to outstanding personal service at Greater Alliance is not changing. Instead we are striving to build upon it, adding “anytime, anywhere” convenience that keeps up with the changing needs of today’s members.

If you have concerns as we enter this last month before Upgrade Weekend, please feel free to call our Member Services Team at 1-888-554-2328 x280. You can also talk with the people wearing “Upgrade Team” badges at any location – or you can talk with me if I happen to be in your branch. We are all excited by this opportunity to make your member experience better than ever. Together, we’re working hard to make Greater Alliance “a greater way to bank.”