Protect Yourself from Telephone Fraud

Telephone Fraud

Learn more about how to keep your information secure

A new phone banking scam is on the rise. Unlike other scam calls which try to get information from you, the person on the other line already has some of your information, and is using it to trick you into believing it’s a call from your financial institution.

With personal information in hand, scammers can make unauthorized withdrawals or open fraudulent loans and accounts under your name. Since many reputable companies use the telephone to conduct business, it can often be difficult to distinguish between a legitimate call and fraud.

How can you protect yourself? Please note: Greater Alliance Federal Credit Union does not call members asking for personal information.

To avoid becoming a victim of telephone fraud:

  • Always check the number: If the telephone message isn’t personalized, be cautious. If you aren’t sure if the call is from a reputable source, or if they’re a representative from Greater Alliance Federal Credit Union, be sure to directly call the company to confirm by looking up the correct number online. In our case, you can always contact Member Services at Greater Alliance via calling us at 201-599-5500
  • Don’t share usernames, PINs or passwords: If you receive a call and the individual asks for your online banking username and password or your credit card number and PIN, it’s likely you’re experiencing a possible scam. Hang up immediately.


If you believe you have been scammed, please contact us immediately at 201-599-5500.