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Plan for the Future By Adding Value to Your Home Now


Plan for the Future By Adding Value to Your Home Now

If you own a home, chances are you want to make some upgrades or renovations at some point. After all, you want a space that works for your specific needs. From new countertops to a fresh coat of paint in the bedroom, there are a variety of home improvement ideas to consider.

While these upgrades make the space more functional, they can also increase the value of your home. When considering different home improvement ideas, thinking about the future is essential.

Keep reading to learn tips on how you can boost the value of your property for future success.

Have a Specialist Look at Your Home

Finding the right home upgrades can be a steep mountain to climb. After all, a particular renovation may not be the smartest move for your home’s property value. To make the right choice, make sure you spend an hour with a professional. Choose an experienced realtor or interior designer, and invite them over for an hour or two. Realtors will often do this for free, but an interior designer will typically charge a consultation fee.

Given their expertise, these professionals can give you clear ideas on how to increase the value of your property. They’ll work with your wants and needs and then explain what that could mean for your home’s value. Also, don’t neglect the minor details; something as little as paint color or furniture placement could go a long way.

Get a Professional Inspection

The next step on the list is to get your home professionally inspected. A damaged roof or moldy wall could be detrimental to your home’s property value. Before you add attractive cosmetic upgrades like a new modular couch, focus on a professional inspection. These experts can help pinpoint any problem areas and may detect issues before they become much worse. That said, be sure to take care of any problems if they arise.

After choosing a reputable home inspector, have them look over areas you rarely see. This includes plumbing pipes, your roof, air ducts, and so on. Don’t ignore any problem, even if it’s minor. Neglecting the issue could significantly decrease the property value of your home down the line. Fix these issues now to ensure you get the most out of your home when it comes time to sell.

Plant a Tree

Plants can go a long way in your home’s property value. If you’re not planning on selling the home today, plant a tree. It’s an excellent plan for the future. While there are many species to consider, a shade tree can be one of the best options. Not only does this vegetation improve your home’s curb appeal, but a mature, strategically placed tree can drastically lower your bills in the summer. In fact, you can save as much as 40 percent on your cooling costs.

Besides these impressive advantages, mature landscaping is also beneficial for the environment. These plants provide a great habitat for wildlife while boosting the look and feel of your home.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

You and your family may spend a lot of time in your home. While you’re lounging around watching movies, shouldn’t you care about the indoor air you breathe? Too many homeowners neglect their indoor air quality, which could lead to a drop in a home’s property value.

Old carpets in your home can easily trap a lot of contaminants and allergens. To solve the issue, first hire a professional to inspect your indoor air quality. If your home fails the test, you may need to replace your carpets or install other products that could help with indoor air. Environmentally friendly upgrades like tile and laminate floors are great alternatives.

Hard floor surfaces are far easier to clean than carpet and rugs, and they also don’t trap odors. If you want to increase your home’s air quality and boost its look, consider this important home upgrade.

Install New Energy-Efficient Fixtures

Next, you want to think about energy efficiency and upgraded fixtures. A decorative ceiling fan, for example, can make a space feel incredible. But when this fan wobbles or makes a tapping sound, it isn’t doing any good for your property value. Upgraded ceiling fans are energy-efficient and affordable, and they can make a big difference in the value of your home. Be sure to choose modern, high-quality fixtures that blend well with the space.

Make Some Bathroom Updates

If you can’t do massive upgrades to your home, focus your time on the bathroom. In fact, even a small, simple improvement can really turn heads, especially the vanity or lighting fixtures. Another common approach is to add a new tile floor. These ideas are simple, affordable, and help to achieve a more modern look.

Kitchen Upgrades Always Equal More Value

Your kitchen is another vital area for boosting home value. Similar to your bathroom, even a small upgrade can be substantial. However, you want to make sure these improvements are professional. A kitchen is where a household spends most of their time, so you want to pay attention when making these upgrades. That said, consider hiring a professional business to add new cabinets, replace the flooring, or install energy-efficient appliances.

Boost Your Home’s Property Value Today!

If you know you’re not in your forever home, make sure you consider your home’s property resale value. After all, you want to get the most out of your investment. Luckily, there are tons of fast, affordable, and simple ways to increase the value of your home. To put your best foot forward and plan for the future, keep your home looking good inside and out.

Find A Greater Way to Improve Your Home

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