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Navigating the World of Financial Services

Navigating the World of Financial Services

  •  February 24, 2021
     1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

From opening a checking account to buying your first home or saving for retirement, financial services are essential to helping us achieve our financial goals. Having information readily available and understanding our options is vital to making informed decisions for meeting these goals – but unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Currently, millions of Americans are without this financial roadmap – and as such are navigating some of life’s most important decisions with limited information.

If you’ve ever felt “left behind” by the financial services world or simply want to know how to better navigate making financial choices, this webinar is for you!

Led by GreenPath Learning Experience Designer, Omari Hall and Bilingual Partner Experience Manager, Tina Ponder, we will discuss barriers individuals might face on their financial wellness journeys and explore strategies to overcome them.

Omari will also share some of his learnings from GreenPath’s IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access) research, including how to empower people to increase their financial resiliency.

Who Should Attend:

Those who want to learn how to be a smart consumer in the financial services world. Individuals interested in knowing the steps to take to improve financial literacy and resiliency. Anyone interested in inclusion, diversity, equity, and access to financial information.

What You’ll Learn:

How to best position yourself for financial opportunities to help reach your dreams

How to better understand the financial system, including common misconceptions. How to identify ‘healthy’ financial products. How to identify traps and scams.

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