President’s Message

President’s Message

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Dear Valued Member:

Here’s hoping that you and your family had a wonderful and memorable summer! We had a busy and exciting time during the first half of 2017. Preoccupied with the various enhancements that we have been working on since 2016, time definitely just flew by. I hope by this time, you are already experiencing some (if not all) of our new and improved products and services.

There’s more to come as we continue to deliver new enhancements and exciting new products and services as we remain true to our mission, vision and core values.  Speaking of which, those same mission, vision and core values are what kept us motivated for the past 80 years and will no doubt keep us fueled for the
next 80. Many of our seasoned members can attest to the level of care and attention we provide, not only to them, but to the generations before and
after them.

Being around for so many years, it is very humbling to have the opportunity to provide our top-notch member experience – now to the next generation of credit union members, who may have found us through their parents, or even their grandparents. It is very rewarding to be able to deliver our mission, vision and core values at every stage in life that requires financial assistance.

For our newer members, this is what credit union membership is all about. This is how we are different from your typical commercial banks where you’re
just an account number. We sincerely hope that over time, we can earn your trust and confidence just like the rest of our seasoned, long-tenured members.

I’d like to invite you to join us from October 16th -20th in our lobbies and visit our Facebook and Twitter pages as we celebrate our 80th year anniversary. We will be running trivia contest online and lucky winners will be able to win gift cards in the amount of $10 OR $25. At the branches, we will have scratch off prizes where members will have a chance to win $5, $10, $20 cash prizes and also win some great electronic gadgets throughout the week.

So please remember to visit us online or stop by any one of our branches during the week. Lastly and more importantly, on behalf of our Board of Directors and the entire Greater Alliance team, our sincere THANKS to you, for being a member.


Glenn Guinto
President and CEO